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[first payment for this]

As he sat there scrolling through the numerous forums for The World, Ryou scoffed at some of the topics concerning CC Corps latest update to the game. Getting married? In an online game? Oh please. How sad could you get?

He clicked one of the threads titled "WHO WOULD U MARRY IN THE WORLD????". Call it morbid curiousity, if you would. Almost immediately his palm met his face. Were these people serious?!

call this a bit of a survey! tthere's a lot of really hot pcs in the world and i was wondering who u guys would marry if you got the chance lol!

i would ttly marry haseo. hes so hot. yum! especially now with his new upgraded form omg. is it a hack i wonder???

For some reason Ryou was compelled to keep scrolling. Just how many times was he mentioned in this thread?!

Haseo is the best-looking PC in the game by far. Screw all those other guys! If I get one of those special e-cards I'm sending it to him ASAP!

haseo looked at me in Mac Anu's marketplace yesterday and set my heart a flutter! i've never been so in love before in my life! <3


Ryou wasn't sure just what to think as he read through all the replies. Yeah, he had put quite a bit of effort into his PC's appearance and he was quite proud of it but-- hot? Hot was not the word Ryou would have used to describe it. Either way, some of the responses were terrifying and almost borderline stalker-ish. Ryou shuddered.

He moved his mouse to exit the browser when he suddenly noticed that some of the poster's names were familiar. Too familiar. Ryou leaned forward and stared at the screen, a look that was a mix of horror and disgust slowly appearing on his face.

Some of the names didn't completely surprise him. Atoli, yeah she had a crush on him since forever. So did Alkaid. But Pi? Saku?? Bordeaux??!?

But that wasn't the worst of it. Oh no. These names weren't just limited to females only.

"Silabus? Okay... YATA?! That's just wrong. Endrance... okay yeah, he does have a thing for me."

After finally getting to the end of the thread and reading all of his friend's "thoughts" about him (seriously, don't these guys realize I'm on here every day?) Ryou finally exited the window and leaned back in his chair. Running his hands through his hair he decided that he was going to go take a long, hot shower. And not log in to The World today. Yeah. It was probably for the better.

Real life, huh? Wasn't expecting that.
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