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dream » four » april 16/09

Shino had sent Haseo a short mail, telling him to meet her at Δ Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground, one of the many Lost Grounds within The World. He now stood before the altar inside the majestic Hulle Granz Cathedral, fidgeting slightly as Shino, the one he liked, told him about the lore of The World.

"I heard that there used to be a Goddess here," she said, looking up at the now vacant space on top of the altar. "Long ago. She was trapped here by humans." Shino turned to look up at Haseo, a gentle smile on her face. "But she escaped, and abandoned her captors and The World."

Haseo remained silent, unsure if he should say anything at this point. Luckily for him Shino decided to continue.

"This place is peaceful, isn't it?" she asked, making eye contact with the uncomfortable teen.

"Y-yeah, it is," he stammered in reply, hoping to God that warmth on his face wasn't him turning red. Shino could only laugh, covering her face as she giggled into her hands.

"You know, we should meet some time," she said as her laughter subsided, clasping her hands behind her back. "In real life, I mean."

Haseo's heart skipped a beat. Meet Shino? In person? This was too much for him.


"Haseo, you don't have to be so shy with me you know," Shino said, her voice taking on a playful tone. "We've known each other long enough, it's only natural that we should finally meet face to face."

Haseo's mind buzzed with both worry and excitement. That's easy for you to say. You're not in lo-- [static; cutting off the rest of his thought]

"Y-yeah okay," the teen said, his voice shaky but not a total wreck. "Where do you want to meet then?"

Shino shook her head. "Not now, save it for e-mail," she said, gesturing to the empty cathedral. "We don't know who else could be listening in on our conversation."

Haseo nodded slowly in agreement, disappointed but he understood the reasoning. For whatever reason private chat didn't work in this area so they were limited to the public channels. A less than ideal situation for planning real life meet-ups.

"I wouldn't mind hearing more about this Goddess, Shino," he said after a few moments, breaking the silence. He could listen to Shino's voice forever if he could.

She smiled and nodded. "Alright."

[he's lying awake on his back, breathing shakily. he knows he shouldn't even thought it was a happy dream, but...]
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